White Rock Lake

The northeastern portion in Dallas, Texas, is a reservoir formed via the damming of White Rock Creek that widens into the lake before continuing south until the spillway before emptying into the Trinity River. The lake was at most 1,254 acres of East Dallas. East Dallas community.

Before it was named White Rock Lake, it was the only farm that belonged to members of the Daniel and the Cox families. The first account for this Daniel family farm is found within the Family Bible of Thomas Walker Daniel, in which he and his wife Frances moved to White Rock. White Rock area during the 1830s. Daniel’s son was a close acquaintance known as Cox during the Civil War. After the war ended and Cox’s family moved to the Cox family moved to a property that was next to Daniel’s family. Daniel family.

The construction on White Rock Lake began in 1910 to address the water shortage within Dallas until it was finished in 1911. The development around the lake was accelerated, and in the 1930s, the Dallas Park Board began developing the lakeshores into a park that was a municipal.


  • 9.33-mile bicycle trail and hike
  • Facilities for renting (Winfrey Point as well as Big Thicket)
  • White Rock Lake Museum
  • Bath House Cultural Center
  • Dallas Arboretum EZ Dallas Junk Removal
  • Audubon Society bird-watching area
  • Wetland
  • Dog Park
  • Picnic areas, Pavilions (available for rental), Piers Boat Ramps
  • Kayak concession

Today, the park is an ecosystem of trees, grasses, flowers, and wildlife native to this region. North Texas area. These grasslands contain black prairie grasses and more invasive species such as Queen Anne’s Lace.

The natural ecosystem of the water creates an excellent habitat for large and small water birds like egrets and herons. Ducks, geese, and pelicans. Woodland birds like Hawks, owls, and Eagles.


White Rock offers a range of things to do, but the one it is well-known for is rowing. There is a boathouse that dates back to the past and docks where boats are launched nearly every day for rowers of various ages. Also, there are races that spectators can observe from their ships or on the lake.

On Wednesday nights, “fun” races, club-sponsored regattas, and various major annual regattas are held throughout the year. CSC is well-known for its outstanding sailors and excellent race management. CSC is located on the beautiful White Rock Lake in Dallas, has sponsored various social activities, instructs adults in sailing, and has an active juniors’ program.

Address: City of Dallas, TX

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