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Residential Clean-Outs: You can trust us to carry out all types of property cleanouts, especially apartment trash haulage.

Pre-Move-Out Cleanouts: Workplace cleanouts are a popular solution any time anybody is preparing to hand over the keys to a real estate owner when moving out from the workplace.

Residential Renovation Clean Outs: You shouldn’t be bothered about the clutter caused by maintenance work. We are available to undertake general waste removal once the renovation is accomplished.

Emergency Disaster Clean-Up and Storm Clean-Up: Experience has taught us how chaotic things get when there is a tornado or another natural disaster, but we also have an understanding of effective ways to remove all junk left behind following that.

Residential Junk Removal Services and Commercial Junk Removal Services: We are the best around for any domestic and workplace waste management requests there are across the length and breadth of Grand Prairie, TX.

Attic and Basement Cleanouts: Our attic and basement cleanouts are specifically proper for when you have to claim these spaces back.

Crawl Space Cleanouts: Keeping your crawl space tidy and free from clutter and waste is extremely important – and that’s a task we are your best shot to properly accomplish.

Garage Cleanouts: It’s quite common to find garages becoming a space where any unused item is found – however, whenever you engage us, we will immediately handle that.

Shed Removal: There are many types of sheds, and we can help take away sheds of all these sizes to tidy up shed spaces you do not want to be occupied by these kinds of bulky parts.

Storage Unit Cleanouts: In case you’re looking for a storehouse cleanout, just in case it is because you’re returning the keys or because you prefer to re-purpose the storage, we’re always ready to serve you!

Estate Cleanouts: The true secret to implementing an effective estate cleanout is sorting out old stuff to get rid of them and valuable items to store in your preferred location. That’s certainly a central part of our intervention.

Fire Damage Cleanup: Irrespective of how dramatic it seemed to be, not one scenario after a fire scares us away. We can guarantee a professional waste removal intervention that will permit you to quickly start bringing back normality to any space affected by fire.

Flooded Basement Debris Removal: It’s normal to have a basement turned upside down and filled with junk any time there is an overflow of water. We are available to clean it out for your well-being.

Electronic Waste Disposal: Our bio-degradable garbage disposal service has a goal to prevent electronic waste from ending up in dumpsters within Grand Prairie, TX.

Appliance Recycling & Pick-Up: Product cleanout is the sort of service you need, the moment any of your appliances stopped working beyond fixing. We can pick it up and make certain that it is dropped off at a reprocessing plant.

Bicycle Removal: Old bikes most likely get to landfills, which is ecologically improper and harmful. In case we are involved, any old or unwanted bike ends up being recycled.

Construction Debris Removal: If your construction location is loaded with construction particles that must get out of your residence, we’ll be happy to clean it out from your place.

Light Demolition Services: Small demolition work is also part of the number of solutions we cover within Grand Prairie, TX.

Mattress Disposal & Recycling and Carpet Removal & Disposal: If we’re called to dispose of old carpets and mattresses from families, we offer you the guarantee that we will leave no remnant footprint of mites and dust by the time we leave your residence.

Furniture Removal & Pick-Up: Couch pick-up is among the many categories of furniture cleanout services you get around Grand Prairie, TX.

Hot Tub & Spa Removal Service: Do you happen to be making improvements to your spa? We are always ready to have your out-of-date spa gadgets away from your home or embark on any hot tub haulage to help you rebrand.

Refrigerator Recycling & Disposal: You know we pick up junk in bulk. Trash is one thing, but what about large items such as a refrigerator? -you might ask. Likewise, we pick up defective fridges and send them to reprocessing centers.

Scrap Metal Recycling & Pick Up: Provided that there’s any scrap metal or metal component at your home or company, kindly contact us. We have the capacity to dispose of any unused metal from your place and make sure it is sent to the right recycling plant.

TV Recycling & Disposal: Defective TV sets need to be recycled, by no means, dumped at dumpsters. Call us if you consent.

Used Tire Disposal & Recycling: As an eco-conscious garbage disposer, we also remove tires and discard them in a well-controlled atmosphere.

Trash Pickup & Removal Service: We don’t just do waste disposal – we can remove any type of waste from your home.

Yard Waste Removal: Our rubbish disposal solutions equally include a compound trash removal approach to get any yard waste removed from your place.

Rubbish Removal, Garbage & Waste Removal: Most trash disposal organizations within Grand Prairie give unreliable assurances as to the sort of service they do, anyway, not one of them has the impressive background in customer satisfaction that we can freely showcase.

Glass Removal: Dealing with glass waste and glass-filled junk removed is what should be left to garbage disposal specialists comparable to those who work with us.

Exercise Equipment Removal: You have seen the go-to domestic trash disposal service within Grand Prairie for gym supervisors and operators whenever damaged workout appliances should really be cleaned out.

Piano and Pool Table Removal: We can help with any mini junk collection solution just like any large rubbish disposal request – such as getting a defective piano or pool table away from your residence.

BBQ & Old Grill Pick-Up: We are familiar with the fact that not too many service providers serving Grand Prairie can get this done, but we undoubtedly do. Provided there is a old barbecue stand to be picked up, it is better for you to count on our brand so we can pick them up from your residence.

Trampoline, Playset, & Above Ground Pool Removal: Huge junk haulage around Grand Prairie is the goal the moment you would like weighty junk such as these taken out of your home.

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We Will Help With Hoarding:

As soon as you ask for our services to address a hoarding situation, we’ll deal with it privately, conveniently, and understandingly. We are happy to assist you to accomplish the task, and that’s all we consider important.

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Grand Prairie is a city in Dallas, Tarrant, and Ellis counties of Texas, in the United States. It is part of the Mid-Cities region in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. It had a population of 175,396 according to the 2010 census, making it the fifteenth most populous city in the state. Remaining the 15th-most populous city in Texas, the 2020 census reported a population of 196,100.

The city of Grand Prairie was first established as Dechman by Alexander McRae Dechman in 1863. He based the name of the town on Big Prairie, Ohio. Prior to then, he resided in Young County near Fort Belknap. The 1860 U.S. Federal Census—Slave Schedules shows an A McR Dechman as having 4 slaves, ages 50, 25, 37 and 10. Dechman learned that he could trade his oxen and wagons for land in Dallas County. In 1863, Dechman bought 239.5 acres (96.9 ha) of land on the eastern side of the Trinity River and 100 acres (40 ha) of timber land on the west side of the river for a broken-down wagon, oxen team and US$200 in Confederate money. He tried to establish a home on the property, but ran into difficulties, so he returned to his family in Birdville before joining in the Civil War. In 1867 he filed a town plat with Dallas County, consisting of 50 acres (20 ha).

After the war, he returned to Birdville for two years before selling that farm in 1867 and moving to Houston, where yellow fever broke out, causing the family to settle in Bryan. In 1876, Dechman traded half his “prairie” property to the T&P Railroad to ensure the railroad came through the town. The railroad named the depot “Dechman”, prompting its namesake to relocate his home from Bryan to Dechman. His son Alexander had been living in Dechman and operating a trading post and farm. The first church in the area was the Good Hope Cumberland Sabbath School, established in 1870 by Rev. Andrew Hayter. The church was later renamed West Fork United Presbyterian Church and remains an active church.

The first U.S. post office opened in 1877 under the name “Deckman” rather than “Dechman”, because the U.S. Postal Service couldn’t read the writing on the form completed to open the post office. Later that same year, after the Postal Service had adopted the “Deckman” name, confusion resulted from the T&P Railroad designation “Grand Prairie”. This name was based on maps drawn from around 1850 through 1858 that labeled the area between Dallas and Fort Worth “the grand prairie of Texas”. In order to alleviate the confusion, the Postal Service named the post office “Grand Prairie”.

The town of Grand Prairie was eventually incorporated as a city in 1909. During World War I and since, Grand Prairie has had a long history with the defense and aviation industry. While the present-day Vought plant on Jefferson Avenue is part of a small strip within the Dallas city limits, it was originally in Grand Prairie. During World War II the North American Aviation Plant B produced the Consolidated B-24 Liberator and the P-51C and K Mustang variants. After the war, Vought Aircraft took over the plant. This later became Ling Temco Vought (LTV) and then eventually returned to the Vought moniker. The plant was the production site for the F-8 Crusader and the A-7 Corsair II aircraft of the 1950–1989 time period. The LTV Missile and Space division produced missiles such as the Scout and MLRS. This division was eventually sold to Lockheed Martin, which continues to operate in Grand Prairie. Grand Prairie was also the North American headquarters for Aérospatiale Helicopter. This company eventually became Airbus Helicopters, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Airbus Helicopters.

In 1953, the mayor and city council of Grand Prairie attempted to annex nearly 70 square miles (180 km) of then-unincorporated and largely undeveloped land in southern Dallas and Tarrant counties. Vehement debate ensued, and the legal pressure from cities like Arlington, Duncanville and Irving wound up overturning part of the annexation attempt.

Grand Prairie is located along the border between Tarrant and Dallas counties, with a small portion extending south into Ellis County. The city is bordered by Dallas to the east, Cedar Hill and Midlothian to the southeast, Mansfield to the southwest, Arlington to the west, Fort Worth to the northwest, and Irving to the north.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 81.1 square miles (210.0 km), of which 72.1 square miles (186.8 km2) is land and 9.0 square miles (23.3 km), or 11.08%, is water.

The West Fork of the Trinity River and a major tributary, Johnson Creek, flow through Grand Prairie.

Grand Prairie has a long history of flooding from Johnson Creek. In the 1980s, a major Army Corps of Engineers project was begun to straighten the channel, which has reduced the damage of flooding.

Grand Prairie is part of the humid subtropical region.

As of the 2020 United States census, there were 196,100 people, 62,679 households, and 46,391 families residing in the city.

According to the city’s 2007–2008 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the city’s various funds had $275.5 million in revenues, $236.4 million in expenditures, $1,003.2 million in total assets, $424.9 million in total liabilities, and $305.9 million in cash and investments.

The Parkland Health & Hospital System (Dallas County Hospital District) operates the E. Carlyle Smith, Jr. Health Center in Grand Prairie.

Grand Prairie as of 2012 has 320 municipal police officers.

The city of Grand Prairie is a voluntary member of the North Central Texas Council of Governments association, the purpose of which is to coordinate individual and collective local governments and facilitate regional solutions, eliminate unnecessary duplication, and enable joint decisions.

The Bureau of Prisons (BOP), of the U.S. Department of Justice runs the Grand Prairie Office Complex on the grounds of the Grand Prairie Armed Forces Reserve Complex. Within the complex the BOP operates the Designation and Sentence Computation Center (DSCC), which calculates federal sentences, keeps track of the statutory “good time” accumulated by inmates and lump sum extra “good time” awards, and detainers. The BOP South Central Office is also on the armed forces complex grounds.

According to the city’s 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the city were:

Airbus Helicopters, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Airbus Helicopters, has its headquarters in Grand Prairie.

In 1978 American Airlines announced that it would move its headquarters from New York City to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The airline moved its headquarters into two leased office buildings in Grand Prairie. The airline finished moving into its Fort Worth headquarters facility on January 17, 1983, when the airline left its Grand Prairie facility.

Most of Grand Prairie’s K–12 student population attends schools in the Grand Prairie Independent School District, which serves areas of Grand Prairie in Dallas County. The Mansfield Independent School District serves areas of Grand Prairie in Tarrant County and operates six elementary schools within the Grand Prairie city limits. Other portions of Grand Prairie reside within the Arlington, Cedar Hill, Irving, Mansfield, and Midlothian school districts.

In Texas, school district boundaries do not follow city and county boundaries because all aspects of the school district government apparatus, including school district boundaries, are separated from the city and county government entirely, with the exception of the Stafford Municipal School District in the Houston area.

The Arlington ISD has the second highest portion of Grand Prairie’s K–12 student population. Six Arlington ISD elementary schools are within the city limits of Grand Prairie. Grand Prairie residents in the Arlington ISD are located generally west of the Dallas-Tarrant County boundary and north of the intersection of Camp Wisdom and Lake Ridge in southwest Grand Prairie. One of the Arlington high schools, James Bowie High, has more Grand Prairie residents than Arlington residents that are students at the school.

Grand Prairie student/residents in the Arlington ISD attend Bowie, Sam Houston, or Lamar High School in the Arlington ISD and their feeder elementary schools and junior high schools.

The Mansfield ISD contains the third highest portion of the Grand Prairie’s K–12 student population. Grand Prairie residents in the Mansfield ISD are located generally south of the intersection of Camp Wisdom and Lake Ridge, and west of Joe Pool Lake to the Tarrant and Ellis County line in southwest Grand Prairie. Three Mansfield ISD schools, Anna May Daulton Elementary; Louise Cabaniss Elementary; and Cora Spencer Elementary, are currently open within the city limits of Grand Prairie. The Mansfield ISD is the fastest growing ISD in Tarrant County, and the population growth in far southwest Grand Prairie is a major factor in the Mansfield ISD’s subsequent growth.

Grand Prairie students/residents in the Mansfield ISD attend Mansfield Timberview High School, Lake Ridge High School or Mansfield High School in the Mansfield ISD or their feeder elementaries and middle schools. Timberview High School is located on State Highway 360 less than 100 yards (91 m) from the Grand Prairie city line.

Dallas County residents are zoned to Dallas College (formerly Dallas County Community College District or DCCCD). Tarrant County residents are zoned to Tarrant County Junior College. Ellis County residents are zoned to Navarro College.

Interstate highways 20 and 30 run east–west through the northern and southern parts of the city. Texas State Highways Spur 303 (named Pioneer Parkway) and 180 (Main Street) also run east–west in the northern and central portions of the city.

SH 360 runs for almost three miles in the northwestern portion of city; most of the highway runs just west of the city limits in Arlington.

SH 161, named the President George Bush Turnpike, runs north–south through western Grand Prairie. The main lanes were opened in late 2012 with frontage roads open since 2010. Portions of the highway located north of SH 180 are depressed while the portion south of SH 180 runs at-grade then becomes elevated. Frontage roads remain at-grade throughout. The frontage road intersection at Main Street will open sometime in 2013.

Belt Line Road is a major north–south thoroughfare in the city. The section of the road south of Main Street is dual-labelled as FM 1382, which travels south, past I-20 and continues south to Cedar Hill. The section of the road north of Main Street keeps its name, continuing north into Irving.

The city declined membership in 1984. In April 2022, Grand Prairie launched “Via Grand Prairie”, an “on-demand, shared public transportation” which connects to DART’s West Irving station.

In the era of private operation of passenger trains prior to the onset of the Amtrak era in 1971, Texas and Pacific Railway trains such as the Texas Eagle and the Louisiana Eagle made stops in Grand Prairie, on trips between Fort Worth and Dallas. Amtrak’s Texas Eagle (Chicago-San Antonio) makes stops at Dallas Union Station 12 miles to the east.


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