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Residential Clean-Outs: We do all sorts of property waste removal, particularly household trash haulage.

Pre-Move-Out Cleanouts: Office cleanouts are a common solution whenever someone is preparing to give back the keys to a real estate owner prior to relocating from a commercial location.

Residential Renovation Clean Outs: Don’t be concerned about the mess on account of a renovation. We can undertake standard garbage removal as soon as the rehabilitation is completed.

Emergency Disaster Clean-Up and Storm Clean-Up: We have learned firsthand how messy things become when there is a tornado or another catastrophe, but we equally know how best to tidy up thereafter.

Residential Junk Removal Services and Commercial Junk Removal Services: We can help with any household and commercial trash disposal demands you could have around Grapevine, TX.

Attic and Basement Cleanouts: Our attic and basement cleanouts are notably suited whenever you are looking to claim these parts of the house back.

Crawl Space Cleanouts: Making your crawl space neat and free from clutter and waste is extremely important – and that’s a goal we are your best shot to properly execute.

Garage Cleanouts: It’s very frequent to see garages turning into an avenue where any old stuff is found – however, any time you call us, we will immediately fix that.

Shed Removal: There are various kinds of sheds, and we can assist to dispose of sheds of all these varieties to tidy up shed spaces you do not want to be congested by such large items.

Storage Unit Cleanouts: In case you want a storehouse junk removal, just in case it is due to the fact that you’re returning the keys or because you need to re-purpose the storage, we’re always ready to serve you!

Estate Cleanouts: The true secret to undertaking a specialized estate junk removal is sifting through unattractive possessions to dispose of them and treasured stuff to store in your preferred location. That’s obviously a core aspect of our approach.

Fire Damage Cleanup: Regardless of how serious it was, not one situation in the event of fire frightens us. We can guarantee a professional garbage disposal service that will allow you to quickly begin bringing back normality to the part of the house impacted by the fire.

Flooded Basement Debris Removal: It’s understandable to see a basement scattered and cluttered with particles any time there is a flood. You can trust us to dispose of it on your behalf.

Electronic Waste Disposal: Our environmentally-friendly trash disposal firm has a goal to restrain e-waste from ending up in dumpsters around Grapevine, TX.

Appliance Recycling & Pick-Up: System haulage is one thing you will prefer, once any of your valuables get spoiled way past fixing. Allow us to pick it up and make sure it is dropped off at a recycling factory.

Bicycle Removal: Outdated bikes most likely find their way to landfills, which is environmentally wrong and unsustainable. Whenever you bring us into the picture, any unused or defective bike ends up being reprocessed.

Construction Debris Removal: Just in case your building site is filled with building rubble that must leave your way, we are delighted to dispose of it as soon as possible.

Light Demolition Services: Light demolition project is likewise part of the number of services we incorporate in Grapevine, TX.

Mattress Disposal & Recycling and Carpet Removal & Disposal: Any time we’re called to clean out unused carpets and mattresses from homes, we ensure that we leave no trace of mites and dust by the time we leave your house.

Furniture Removal & Pick-Up: Couch pick-up is just one of the many sorts of furniture cleanout services we bring to the table across the length and breadth of Grapevine, TX.

Hot Tub & Spa Removal Service: Do you happen to be rehabilitating your spa? We are always ready to take your worn-out spa appliances out of your way or undertake any hot tub cleanout to make room for a new chapter.

Refrigerator Recycling & Disposal: It is clear we pick up junk in large amounts. Trash is one thing, but what about large items such as a refrigerator? -you might ask. We also take away old fridges and send them to recycling plants.

Scrap Metal Recycling & Pick Up: Provided that there’s any unwanted metal or metal piece at your home or business, you should speak to us. We can dispose of any scrap metal from your residence and guarantee that it is dispatched to the ideal reprocessing plant.

TV Recycling & Disposal: Damaged TV sets should be reprocessed, in no way, dumped at landfills. Reach out to us if you share a common opinion.

Used Tire Disposal & Recycling: Being an eco-conscious rubbish disposer, we likewise remove tires and trash them in the most appropriate way.

Trash Pickup & Removal Service: We do not simply attempt to carry out trash removal – we can clear away any kind of waste from your residence.

Yard Waste Removal: Our rubbish cleanout services also include a property debris removal method to have any yard trash removed from your residence.

Rubbish Removal, Garbage & Waste Removal: Many junk removal organizations across the length and breadth of Grapevine give unreliable assurances regarding the kind of service they get accomplished, nevertheless, none of them boasts of the spectacular background in customer approval that we can publicly emphasize.

Glass Removal: That have glass garbage and glass-filled trash removed is what needs to be left to professional junk removal experts such as those associated with our firm.

Exercise Equipment Removal: You have seen the one-stop local waste management solution in Grapevine for gym executives and administrators when defective workout appliances should really be removed.

Piano and Pool Table Removal: We can help with any mini garbage cleanout service as well as any huge junk cleanout requirement – like getting a damaged piano or pool table away from your home.

BBQ & Old Grill Pick-Up: Experience has taught us that not many companies supporting Grapevine can do this, but we absolutely do. If there is a old barbecue stand to be cleaned out, it is better for you to count on us so we can retrieve them from your home.

Trampoline, Playset, & Above Ground Pool Removal: Large junk haulage across the length and breadth of Grapevine is the name of the game whenever you need huge possessions similar to these disposed of from your home.

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We Will Help With Hoarding:

As soon as you bring us into the picture to help with a hoarding problem, we’ll handle it discretely, comfortably, and understandingly. Our duty is to assist you to accomplish the task, and that’s all we are committed to achieving.

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Grapevine is a city and suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth located in northeast Tarrant County, Texas, United States, with minor portions extending into Dallas County and Denton County. The city is located in the Mid-Cities suburban region between Dallas and Fort Worth and includes a larger portion of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport than other cities.

The city is adjacent to Grapevine Lake, a large reservoir impounded by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1952 that serves as a source of water and recreational area.

In October 1843, General Sam Houston and fellow Republic of Texas Commissioners camped at Tah-Wah-Karro Creek, also known as Grape Vine Springs, to meet with leaders of 10 Indian nations. This meeting culminated in the signing of a treaty of “peace, friendship, and commerce,” which opened the area for homesteaders. The settlement that emerged was named Grape Vine due to its location on the appropriately-named Grape Vine Prairie near Grape Vine Springs, both names in homage to the wild grapes that grew in the area. Grapevine is the oldest settlement in Tarrant County, dating back to 1844 when Texas was a republic before statehood in 1845.

The first recorded white settlement in what would become the modern city occurred in the late 1840s and early 1850s. General Richard Montgomery Gano owned property near Grape Vine and helped organize the early settlement against Comanche raiding parties before leading his band of volunteers to battle in the American Civil War. Growth during the 19th century was slow but steady; by 1890, Grape Vine had about 800 residents supported by such amenities as a newspaper, a public school, several cotton gins, a post office, and railroad service. The settlement made continued gains early in the 20th century and on January 12, 1914, the post office altered the town’s name to one word: Grapevine.

On Easter Sunday, April 1, 1934, Henry Methvin, an associate of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, killed two police officers, E.B. Wheeler and H.D. Murphy, during an altercation near Grapevine. A historical marker remains at the intersection of Dove Road and State Highway 114.

Grapevine’s population fell during the interwar period, as the economy stagnated, though the city was officially incorporated in 1936. Cotton was the primary crop for Grapevine until the early 20th century, when it was overtaken by cantaloupe farms that accounted for 25,000 acres. For several decades, until the early 1970s, the Rotary Club sign outside of town boasted Grapevine as the “Cantaloupe Capital of the World”. Population growth and economic gains resumed to some extent in the decades after World War II. The opening of Dallas–Fort Worth International Airport in 1974 spurred massive development. Grapevine depended heavily upon agricultural production prior to the mid-20th century, but transformed into a regional center of commerce because of its proximity to the airport’s north entrance.

In recent years, several wineries have opened in Grapevine, and the city has been active in maintaining its historic downtown corridor.

Grapevine is located at 32°56′6″N 97°5′9″W / 32.93500°N 97.08583°W / 32.93500; -97.08583 (32.935025, −97.085784).

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 35.9 square miles (93 km), of which 32.3 sq mi (84 km2) are land and 3.6 sq mi (9.3 km) are covered by water.

As of the 2020 United States census, there were 50,631 people, 21,838 households, and 13,887 families residing in the city.

As of the 2010 census, 46,334 people, 18,223 households, and 12,332 families were residing in the city. The population density was 1,451 people per square mile. The racial makeup of the city was 81.1% White, 3.3% African American, 0.7% Native American, 4.5% Asian, 8.0% from other races, and 2.2% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 18.0% of the population.

Of the 18,223 households, 33.6% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 51.9% were married couples living together, 10.5% had a single householder with no spouse present, and 33.3% were not families. About 27.1% of all households were made up of individuals, and 14.4% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.49, and the average family size was 3.06.

The age distribution in the city was 25.1% under 18, 74.9% over the age of 18, 5.6% from 20 to 24, 13.3% from 25 to 34, 24.7% from 35 to 49, 20.9% from 50 to 64, and 7.9% who were 65 or older. The median age was 37.5 years.

According to a 2010 estimate, the median household income was $76,040, and the median family income was $93,587. Males had a median income of $66,378 versus $47,995 for females. The per capita income was $38,304. About 5.2% of families and 7.9% of the population were below the poverty line, including 11.3% of those under age 18 and 5.5% of those age 65 or over.

Data provided by the city’s Economic Development Department shows a general upward trend in population, with an estimated population of 54,578 as of 2020. The median age in the city was estimated at 36 years old, with more than half of residents obtaining an Associate’s Degree or higher. Median household income had also increased to $88,225.

Grapevine uses a council–manager government, consisting of an elected city council, composed of the mayor and six at-large councilmembers, with a city manager appointed by the council. The current city manager is Bruno Rumbelow.

The government is a voluntary member of the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

Grapevine, located in conservative Northeast Tarrant County, has voted Republican in all elections.

The city almost entirely lies within the boundaries of Texas House District 98 and Texas Senate Districts 9 and 12, with very small portions lying within Texas House Districts 63 and 115 and Texas Senate Districts 10 and 16.

The city almost entirely lies within the boundaries of Texas State Board of Education District 11, with a very small portion lying within District 14.

The Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District serves most of the city. The district operates 11 elementary schools (prekindergarten through grade 5), four middle schools (grades 6–8), and two high schools (grades 9–12). Colleyville Heritage High School and Grapevine High School both draw students from different areas of Grapevine.

Northwestern Grapevine lies inside Carroll Independent School District, while smaller portions are served by Lewisville Independent School District and Coppell Independent School District.

The Faith Christian School, a private school, is also in Grapevine.

Grapevine’s economy is largely centered around travel and tourism, although those sectors also promote strong growth in other areas such as entertainment, retail trade, and transportation. Travelers arriving to and departing from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport make up the majority of the city’s visitors. The Gaylord Texan and Great Wolf Lodge are the two biggest hotels in Grapevine and among the biggest in the Metroplex. The hotels also have large convention centers and entertainment venues. In 2020, Coury Hospitality launched Hotel Vin, a new boutique hotel attached to the recently finished TEXRail station.

Nearby Grapevine Mills Mall is a regional outlet shopping center with many amenities, including a movie theater. Embassy Suites Grapevine and the DFW Lakes Hilton complex also lay adjacent to Grapevine Mills and Bass Pro Shops.

In addition to these areas, Main Street in historic downtown Grapevine is a popular attraction. Public amenities like City Hall, the Grapevine Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, the city library, public parks, and a recreation center are located on Main Street, nestled in between a wealth of small businesses. These include antique stores, restaurants, bars, theaters, and many specialty shops. The Grapevine Vintage Railroad follows a historic route between Grapevine and the Fort Worth Stockyards, departing from a station on South Main Street. The city is also the home of several wineries and tasting rooms to include Umbra Winery as well as the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association.

According to the City’s 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the city’s top employers are:

GameStop, a national electronics retailer and one of the city’s largest corporate employers, is headquartered in Grapevine.

In April 2017, Kubota Corp. established a new U.S. headquarters in Grapevine, moving about 300 employees from California and spending $50 million.

In 2020, The Trade Group completed construction on their US headquarters near the Northern border of the city.

The facility at 1639 West 23rd Street is on the property of DFW Airport and in Grapevine. Tenants include China Airlines,Lufthansa Cargo, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Historically, Grapevine was the headquarters of a collection of now-defunct air carriers. In 1978 Braniff Place, the final world headquarters for Braniff International Airways, was built in what is now Grapevine, on the grounds of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Following Braniff’s 1982 bankruptcy, the structure is now known as Verizon Place. In the 1990s Metro Airlines maintained its main offices in the city of Grapevine, as did Kitty Hawk Aircargo for a time.

Two grade-separated highways run through the city. State Highways 114 and 121 trisect Grapevine south and slightly west of downtown. 121 runs from the south and 114 from the northwest. The highways intersect near Mustang Drive and William D. Tate Avenue and continue together towards the airport before splitting again at the north entrance of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Grapevine’s highways as of 2010 underwent a significant overhaul to improve traffic flow through the area.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the main provider of air service to Grapevine and the region, providing connections to places around the state, country, and abroad. DFW is the main hub for American Airlines, though other major carriers maintain a large presence. Love Field in Dallas is relatively close to Grapevine.

The Grapevine Vintage Railroad provides service to and from Fort Worth along the former Cotton Belt Railroad right-of-way. The service acts more as a tourist attraction due to its slow speeds. However, the city’s 50-year commitment to the Trinity Metro and approval of a half-cent sales tax increase have paid dividends through the introduction of the TEXRail service to northeast Tarrant County since January 10, 2019. New train stations downtown and north of the airport are included in the plans, as is a connection to Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) light-rail provides mass transit service to the eastern half of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.

The closest connections to rail are the DFW airport, Terminal A, DART Rail station and the Hurst station for the Trinity Rail Express. Amtrak passenger service is available in both downtown Dallas and Fort Worth.

The Convention and Visitor’s Bureau operates the Grapevine Visitor’s Shuttle between points of interest within the city. Additional information including stops and pricing can be found here.

The majority of Grapevine’s transportation infrastructure is centered around the automobile, though amenities for bicycles can be found. A bicycle route runs along the length of Dove Road beginning at the intersection of Dove and North Main Street, connecting Grapevine and Southlake.

Additionally, the Cotton Belt trail runs parallel to State Highway 26, from the Colleyville city limits to downtown Grapevine. The “Dallas Road” project will stretch over 1.5 miles to extend the Cotton Belt Tril with a 10-foot wide trail section along the north side of western Dallas road between William D Tate Avenue, or Ball Street, and Dooley Street. A 10-foot-wide trail will also be added along the east side of Dooley north from Dallas Road to the Dallas Area Rapid Transit right of way. A 12-foot-trail section will be added east from Dooley along the north side of the DART rail corridor to Texan Trail. This will provide a very wide cement trail from Colleyville to the far east side of Grapevine.

Other bicycle paths can be found at the various city parks, most notably the trail from Parr Park to Bear Creek Park. Off-road trails are also available. Northshore Mountain Bike trail begins at Rockledge Park on the north side of Grapevine Lake and continues into Flower Mound along the shore. Mileage is 22.5 miles broken up into two major loops: East Loops, 1 – 4, which are 12.5 miles and the West Loops, 5 – 7. Horseshoe Trail begins at Catfish Lane, continues to Dove Road, and loops back to the trail head, for a total of 5.4 miles.

Grapevine received the Runner Friendly Community designation from the Road Runners Club of America. Grapevine has approximately 24-miles of hike and bike trails that link parks, schools, and businesses. The hike and bike trails have mileage markers that also have GPS coordinates for location identification in case of emergencies. The city also has an indoor 1/8 mile walking/jogging track and several outdoor tracks that belong to the local school district. The city has joint-use agreement with the school district for the use of school facilities.

The hike and bike trails in Grapevine include water fountains, community bathrooms or portable toilets, available parking, signs linking pedestrian networks, mile markers, walk lights at busy intersections, stop signs at residential intersections, and painted crosswalks. One trail in Grapevine links with four other communities, creating an additional 11-mile trail.


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