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Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum was established in 1903, and since then, it has been one of the top 10 art museums throughout the United States. It is distinguished by its steadfast dedication to research, ingenuity, and engagement with the public. The heart of the Museum and its programs is the collections worldwide, which comprise more than 24,000 pieces and span over a century of history. It encompasses a wide range of different cultures from around the world. It is situated in the nation’s most prominent arts district. DMA serves as the engine for the community’s creative spirit and literary events ranging from lectures and exhibitions to performances and dramatic dance performances. Since the Museums were restored to free admission for all visitors in 2013, the DMA received more significant than 3.2 million visits annually.

The Dallas Museum of Art aims to offer a place for exploration of how art brings vitality to all of the planets. They put art and different communities they serve in the middle of their activities, which radiate out. They strive to be excellent at collecting and programming, presenting art from across the globe and time as an essential modern art. Lastly, to increase its position as a renowned innovative institution, they create opportunities for learning and creativity and extend its significance.


The Dallas Art Association was organized in 1903 and was focused on its growth due to the Art Committee of the Public Library. The idea was by Frank Reaugh which is a famous Texan artist who appropriately lit and organized a gallery for art and was the person who built the building.

When this museum in Dallas, Texas museum was complete, it was one of the most beautiful ones, as was the former Mrs. J. S Armstrong, a member of the building committee who was very interested in finding images for the gallery. Would be offered and donate the remaining portion of any sum raised to fund the project.


The Dallas Museum of Arts’ collection includes more than 24,000 works of art from every culture and period, which spans more than 5 000 years of human imagination. The group is ever-changing, new articles are added regularly, and the galleries are changing in a never-ending manner.


  • Keir Collection of Islamic ArtArts of the Americas
  • Contemporary Art
  • Arts of Africa
  • Arts of Asia EZ Dallas Junk Removal
  • American Art
  • Decorative Arts and Design
  • Classical Art
  • Latin American
  • Arts of Pacific Islands
  • European Art


Donations from the philanthropic community to the DMA help us champion the crucial importance that art plays in the lives of people both locally and across the globe. The generosity of individuals and corporate sponsors, institutional funders, and volunteers allows us to offer creative public and educational programs, a wide array of exhibitions, and access for free to our vast collection.

Address: 1717 N Harwood St, Dallas, TX

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