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What Every Visitor Needs To Know About Dallas Texas

Known as the Lone Star State Texas is an ideal tourist destination for people from all over the world. While Texas offers many different exciting cities, one of the greatest of all is Dallas. Within Dallas, you will find tons of different family activities that you can partake in with your loved ones, or if you are on a solo trip there are tons of solo things that you can do. Regardless, of what your intentions are in Dallas, you will without a doubt find something to suit your needs. Before you embark on your magical journey, there are some things that you need to know about the city in order to make your trip more enjoyable. EZ Dallas Junk Removal

24/7 7-Eleven Snack Destination

While 7-Elevn has become a widely popular snack destination for people all throughout America, you may be surprised to learn that 7-Eleven got its start in Dallas. It actually started out as an ice selling operation that sold blocks of ice and later adapted into a grocery store in 1927. In 1928, the store added gasoline to there resume. It was around the mid 1960s that the store adopted the world famous Slurpee, which is now known as the icee.

Two Of The World’s Most Famous Outlaws

If you are young rebellious lovers you have to make a visit to the gravesites of Bonnie and Clyde. Two of the world’s most famous outlaw couples. However, if you want to visit the graves you will have to make two trips, because the outlaw lovers are buried in separate locations even though the died together in hail of gunfire.

Dallas Fort-Worth Airport

The last thing any tourist wants to do is spend more time in an airport, or at the very least visit an airport. However, even if you are not flying into Dallas the Forth-Worth airport is really worth checking out. The airport is huge and covers a almost 27 square miles, which actually makes it larger than the island on Manhattan.

Landmark Theater

This historic Landmark Theater actually still shows movies. This is the theater where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. One interesting fact that most people don’t know is that at first he wasn’t actually arrested for the murder of John F. Kennedy. In fact, he was arrested for the murder of a local police officer. Oswald fled into the theater to avoid the arrest, but it didn’t work out too good for him.