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The Samurai Collection

The Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum also referred to as The Samurai Collection, is a museum dedicated to the samurai’s armor situated at 2501 North Harwood Street, Dallas, Texas, USA. It houses more than three hundred Japanese objects from the samurai period, including armored suits, helmets, masks, horse armor, masks, and weapons, dating from the 12th century until the 18th century AD, emphasizing the Edo period.

The Samurai Collection in Dallas, Texas, was founded by the couple in 2012. It houses Japanese armor worn by Ann as well as Gabriel Barbier-Mueller. Their collection grows ever larger and comprises over 1,000 objects, many of which are outstanding examples of Samurai armor. The exciting and gorgeous collection of armor suits, helmets, masks, horse armors, masks, and weapons contains many amazing pieces.

Samurai-related items are among the largest and most comprehensive of their kind globally. It is displayed in the sole Museum outside Japan, focusing on the samurai’s armor. Ann And Gabriel Barbier-Mueller diligently collected their collection in 25 years. Following their family’s tradition of collecting and preserving, the Barbier-Muellers have an eye for artistic and artistic sculptures. EZ Dallas Junk Removal

Samurai Collection

The armor of The Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection will take you on a trip back in time to explore the lives the culture, tradition, and showmanship that surrounded the revered, fearsome Japanese Samurai warriors with stunning items that are part of one of the most valuable and most extensive collections of its kind in the world. The exhibit, organized by the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum located in Dallas, Texas, features more than 140 pieces of military attire, including complete armor suits, masks, helmets, and the horse’s tack, weapons, as well as weapons well, other gear for battle. The exhibit traces the development of the distinctive look and the equipment used by the Samurai over the years. It examines the story of the warriors through the creation of works of supreme quality and exquisite design.

Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller started taking on the samurai art more than 30 years ago. The collection is today among the largest of its kind worldwide. The family has carefully crafted the collection with strong attention to artistic detail and sculptural excellence. The collection spans ages from the fifth to the 19th century and is displayed within the Museum in rotating exhibitions exploring an exciting aspect of traditional Japanese warriors. In addition, a major exhibit of samurai armor is currently touring the United States, Canada, South America, and Europe.

Address: 2501 N Harwood St, Dallas, TX

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