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Preston Hollow

A neighborhood inside North Dallas, Texas bordered on the south by the city of University Park, Texas. Preston Hollow is home to many wealthy individuals in Dallas and a past president of the United States. Many residents of Preston Hollow take advantage of its proximity to the top private schools within the city.

In 1850, the first settlers started receiving land grants from Preston Hollow’s property. The majority of them were from the Lively family of Guernsey Lane, the Howell family, and the Meaders family. In 1920 the first families began moving into Preston Hollow for residential purposes. The former U.S president George W. Bush was from Preston Hollow. Many famous and wealthy people are also out of Preston Hollow, such as Ross Perot, T. Boone Pickens, American Airlines chairman Bob Crandall, and software developer Larry Lacerte. EZ Dallas Junk Removal



A Guadalajaran-style restaurant with an intimate, family-friendly setting serves modern Mexican-inspired cuisine that focuses on Jalisco-inspired dishes. The menu is adventurous, including authentic Mexican words that honor authentic Mexican cuisine and traditional dishes using fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients.

Address: 4931 W. Lovers Ln. Dallas, TX

Some Local Favorites

Preston Hollow has increasingly become Dallas The go-to destination for chic and family-friendly eateries. One of them is The Mercury, known for having an award-winning restaurant renowned for its elegant American food. It is also possible to check the Dough for authentic pies made in the Neapolitan style. Also, check out the dumpling restaurant located at Royal China.

Things to Do

Preston Hollow is home to numerous beautiful parks, including the ever-growing Northaven Trail, which is the park’s linear layout that extends east and west throughout the entire area. Along with biking and hiking, the trail also serves as the perfect place to gather for various community-based events ranging from film nights and fun runs to community parades.


Preston Hollow is also the most popular shopping district in Dallas. There is no shortage of shops to choose from. If you’re more interested in some unique thing, you might be interested in visiting locations such as The Toy Maven, as they provide a wealth of toys and other items. For guys, you can go to the renowned Ken’s Man’s Shop for suits and other clothing for men and women, go to J. Renee Shoes, and More for Dallas fashionable fashion-conscious ladies.

Some Places You May Want To Visit

  • Time Out Tavern at 5101 W. Lovers Lane, Dallas, TexasInwood Tavern at 7717 Inwood Rd. Dallas, Texas
  • Round-Up Saloonat 3912 Cedar Springs Rd. Dallas, Texas

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